PyCon Korea is a non-profitable, developer-oriented event organized by community members, and has different characteristics from conferences organized companies or organizations. All attendees, including speakers, tutorial hosts, voluntary workers, and organizing team, participate in PyCon Korea without any profitable purpose, and only to broaden the usage of Python, an open source programming language, and activate its community.

So, sponsoring this event is the most honest way to show the direction and attitude of the sponsor or individual to the open source community and Python users. In addition, we will support you in various media, sponsor tutorial, sponsor session and booth composition, and you can use it as a place to recruit excellent developers.

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship packages may vary by venue and circumstances. And sessions, tutorials provided by sponsors should be served after consultation with PyCon Korea Organizing Team.

Level Keystone Diamond Sapphire Startup Community Publisher/Media
Availability 1 6 4 4 Unlimited Unlimited
Sponsorship Fee 10,000,000 KRW 3,000,000 KRW 1,000,000 KRW 250,000 KRW 10,000 KRW Books / Service
Keystone Interview O X X X X X
Sponsor Session 2 sessions 1 session X 1 session (25min) X X
3min Talk Video Exposure 4 times X 3 times 1 time (Optional) 1 time (Optional) 1 time (Optional)
Virtual Booth O O O O X X
SNS Promotion O O O O O O
AD Exposure during the event
(After lunch, before the afternoon session begins)
Sponsors' Logo in the Session Video O O O O X X

(Sponsorship Fee does not include VAT. 10% VAT will be added.)

Other Sponsorship Guide

We are looking for a company to sponsor the following items or services. Depending on the size of your sponsorship, you will be promoted and supported at the same level as your sponsor level.