Sponsor Benefit

Welcome to PyCon Korea 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Unlike the previous event, this event will only be held online.

Here are some of the benefits of being a sponsor.

Brand Image

Participating in a PyCon Korea event as a sponsor represents the closest direction and attitude towards the open source community and Python users. The PyCon Korea Organizing Team provides support for sponsors' messages and promotional activities.

Product Marketing

We provide channels such as Virtual Booth / Session / 3-minutes Talk to provide various promotions for sponsors' services and products to developers.

Looking for Developers

You can do direct or indirect developer job openings through sessions and lightning talks. In fact, many developers have been successful with past PyCons.

Continuous Logo Exposure

Sponsor's logo is exposed on this year's video related to PyCon, and it will be kept and maintained on the website of past PyCon Korea events. PyCon Korea website is a channel that has been exposed to not only developers but also related industries.

Sponsor Benefit Detail

Introduces the benefits provided to the sponsors in the PyCon Korea. The benefits listed in the sponsor table will be provided to sponsors.

Keystone Interview

* For Keystone

We are planning to conduct an interview within 10 minutes with the PyCon Korea Organizing Team as the sole benefit of a Keystone sponsor.We'd like to hear about the company and its future goals, and provide various voices from the company, such as why sponsor the PyCon Korea 2020 and where Python is used in the company.

In addition, we will interview the keystone sponsors in the PyCon Korea Social Media with questions through the questionnaire.

Sponsor Session

* For Keystone, Diamond, Startup

You can talk about Python or development culture within your company/organization with using a sponsor logo. The difference from the regular session is that the slide theme provided by the PyCon Korea Organizing Team should be used in the regular session, but the slide theme that reflects the identity of the sponsor can be used in the sponsor session. Therefore, it is possible to reveal the personality of the sponsor rather than the regular session, and to promote the sponsor more actively.

However, please do not promote excessive company solutions because this is a presentation from PyCon Korea.

3-minutes Talk

* For Keystone, Sapphire, (optional) Startup, Community, Publisher/Media

Feel free to tell your story for a limited time of 3 minutes. It can be anything such as the introduction to the company, the vision of the future, to the pride or recruitment of our company/organization. Of course, there are a lot of stories to tell you, but there is a time limit of 3 minutes, so please keep it. "Our company is so good that there are so many things to brag about. I think it’s not enough time." Even if you send me a 10 minute video, I will cut it in 180 seconds exactly :)

The video you sent will be sent out during the two days of the event, depending on the number of exposure by sponsor level in the middle of sessions. Sponsor level with more than 1 total exposures can send multiple videos. For instance, a keystong sponsor with a total number of exposure of 4 may say "Expose 4 videos once" or "Expose 2 videos twice".

The name of the video would be "3-minutes talk-[TItle]". You can tell us specifically or just the company name. But if you make the title interesting, wouldn't it be more enjoyable? Like "3-minutes Talk-PyCon Korea Organizing Team's Day".

However, one thing keep in mind is that any content that violates the PyCon Korea CoC may be deleted.

Virtual Booth

* For Keystone, Diamond, Sapphire, Startup

As this event went online, it was unfortunate that the booth event could not be held, so we prepared a virtual booth to be able to conduct various events online such as recruiting developers, promoting companies or services, coding challenges, and drawing draws.

In addition to the company introduction on the Sponsor page of the PyCon Korea website, there is also a video that contains more stories that could not be included in the 3-minutes talk video. You can create your own sponsor page by putting a video.

We got an idea at the PyCon US Virtual Expo Hall :D

SNS Promotion

* For all levels

We introduce the stories of our sponsors on Facebook and Twitter operated by PyCon Korea. Briefly introduce yourself to the participants to make it easier to reach. Based on the contents provided, we will promote sponsors and the various programs conducted by sponsors.

Sponsor's logo, brief introduction, and promotional material for each sponsored program produced in the form of card news will be prepared, and the previous format can be checked on Facebook and Twitter of PyCon Korea.

Sponsor AD

* For Keystone

During the two days of the PyCon Korea 2020, Keystone sponsor's ads will be exposed on all tracks just before lunch breaks and the afternoon session begins. The length of the video should be within 3 minutes. You can also send us the video ad you made.

Logo Exposure

Session Video

* For Keystone, Diamond, Sapphire, Startup

We will put the logo of the sponsor on all session videos of PyCon Korea 2020 in a similar shape as before. The video will not only be displayed during the PyCon Korea 2020 event, but also because the video will be posted on YouTube.


* For all levels

The PyCon Korea website keeps and keeps the past website, and the logo is constantly exposed. It is once again emphasized that the PyCon Korea website is a website that developers constantly visit to find past session materials.