Call for Proposal

We are recruiting a variety of Python-related presentations, such as academic or commercial projects for Python, case studies. Please refer to the Guide for Speakers for more information.


Proposing a Talk (CFP) Start June 1st (Mon) 09:00
Proposing a Talk (CFP) Finish July 14th (Tue) 23:59
Review CFP Start July 15th (Wed) 10:00
Review CFP Finish July 22nd (Wed) 23:59
Speaker Confirmation July 30th (Thu) 10:00

Selection Procedure

The procedure of selecting an talk is as follows. Information related to this can be found on the PyCon Korea website or e-mail.

  1. After the CFP deadline, the PyCon Korea Preparation Organizer reviews the proposed talk.
    • If we need more information, we would request it.
  2. Begin reviewing CFP.
  3. After reviewing CFP, the final speaker will be confirmed.
    • Regardless of the result, we will send an result e-mail to all of you.

Apply for CFP