Pycon Korea 2020

About PyCon Korea

PyCon is a non-commercial conference held by Python Programming Communities over the world. PyCon Korea has been successfully held in several years with a group of volunteers called ‘PyCon Korea Organizing Team’, who support the local Korean Python community.


The slogan of PyCon Korea 2020 is "We are Pythonistas".

We have a group of people with one common interest, 'Python'.

Those who just got to know about Python,
those who develop, research, and contribute to the world with Python,
those who want to expand the Python community.

These wide ranges of people get around,
cheer each other, cry, laugh, share their experience, and talk to each other at PyCon Korea.
That's how we get deeper, wider, and stronger.

We hope you to expand your world one step further via PyCon Korea.

Because here, we are Pythonistas walking together.
We are Pythonistas.

What's the difference between PyCon and other developer's conferences?

PyCon Korea is a non-profitable, developer-oriented event organized by community members, and has different characteristics from conferences organized companies or organizations. All attendees, including speakers, tutorial hosts, voluntary workers, and organizers, participate in PyCon Korea without any profitable purpose, and only to broaden the usage of Python, an open source programming language, and activate its community.